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Search for "todo" to receive a great awakening

At work, i’m in the process of systematizing my project’s javascript code so that it will be easier for my co-workers, whenever they bother to read it, and i to understand all the different parts and pieces that make things happen. To do this i’m starting to package together lots of libraries via bower.

While working on this stuff, i decided to put in a few TODO items to come back to later. After a couple hours, i decided i would check up on my todos just to make sure i didn’t have that many of them. So i ran quick search to see what i’d get:

Q: What did i get back?

A: A large wall of text


First, i’d like to say that i stand on the shoulders of giants. Also, those giants’ todo items are (most likely) not bugs AND considering the amount of javascript in the node_modules folder, there aren’t that many todos.

That said, it’s a stark reminder that i’m building on top of a large amount of stuff piled together, all of it in various stages of process. It’s a good reminder that i have a lot of work to do and that there’s a lot of great projects that might appreciate some help.


Here’s my quick search method. Searching in windows explorer is just as good.

ls -Recurse -Path *.js | Get-Content | Select-String -pattern 'todo'

(Don’t judge, i work at a Windows shop. Even though the command line shell itself is (imho) garbage, Powershell is actually quite nice once you learn it.)