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Poverty is Expensive

You will never know how much it costs us to keep that saint, that wonderful old man, in poverty!

-Sarojini Naidu. In Gandhi, a memoir. by William Shirer. Pg. 45

i can only assume the same thing was said of Jesus!

A tough reality confronted when programming

Yesterday i spent almost the entire day debugging an issue in TopView where there was some inefficient looping. The issue was caused by my (and Dane’s) misunderstanding of when ListViews fire their ItemChecked events. Hint: it’s not when you’d think :wink:.

The rub is that i spent most of the day on learning some very arcane knowledge about Windows Forms. i assume that eventually Windows Forms support will end and we’ll have to transition to WPF and my arcane knowledge will be mostly useless.

i know i’ve learned a lot of transferable knowledge while debugging this issue, but it’s sad to have so much knowledge about something that will pass away and be forgotten (and it probably should be forgotten).

Programming is exciting and fun for me, but sometimes, this is what it’s like.

nothing to say

How the hell can a person go to work in the morning
And come home in the evening and have nothing to say

i don’t know John Prine. Sadly, i do that a lot :frowning:

Search for "todo" to receive a great awakening

At work, i’m in the process of systematizing my project’s javascript code so that it will be easier for my co-workers, whenever they bother to read it, and i to understand all the different parts and pieces that make things happen. To do this i’m starting to package together lots of libraries via bower.

While working on this stuff, i decided to put in a few TODO items to come back to later. After a couple hours, i decided i would check up on my todos just to make sure i didn’t have that many of them. So i ran quick search to see what i’d get:

Q: What did i get back?

A: A large wall of text


First, i’d like to say that i stand on the shoulders of giants. Also, those giants’ todo items are (most likely) not bugs AND considering the amount of javascript in the node_modules folder, there aren’t that many todos.

That said, it’s a stark reminder that i’m building on top of a large amount of stuff piled together, all of it in various stages of process. It’s a good reminder that i have a lot of work to do and that there’s a lot of great projects that might appreciate some help.


Here’s my quick search method. Searching in windows explorer is just as good.

ls -Recurse -Path *.js | Get-Content | Select-String -pattern 'todo'

(Don’t judge, i work at a Windows shop. Even though the command line shell itself is (imho) garbage, Powershell is actually quite nice once you learn it.)

New about page?

This. Is. (not) Serious.

i got asked for a bio at work. This is what i provided.

(i did edit out a bunch of company logos from what you’re seeing, though.) :wink: